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PSI offers one of the most comprehensive catalogs of Assessment Center Exercises - more than 200 exercises covering the full spectrum of professional, managerial and executive level positions in all major industries. (sample positions: Management Roles, Leadership Roles, Professional Contributor Roles)

Exercises may be used individually or combined for a more comprehensive assessment:

  • Non-Assigned Role Group Discussions: 4 to 6 participants interact with each other in a team environment, offering them the opportunity to show skills such as teamwork and leadership
  • Assigned Role Group Discussions: 4 to 6 participants are allocated different roles with competing interests, making decisions for their own department as well as the overall good of the organization
  • Interview Simulation - Internal: simulates an internal one-to-one meeting between a participant and a role-player, such as a performance review, counseling, disciplinary or grievance interview
  • Interview Simulation - External: simulates an external one-to-one meeting between a participant and a role-player, such as a sales call, a negotiation or a customer service situation
  • Fact Find Exercises: participant interviews a role-player to obtain information to address a problem, determines or recommends the action to be taken and presents the decision to the resource person who challenges the recommendation
  • Analysis Exercises: participant analyzes verbal and numerical information in order to produce a report with conclusion and recommendations
  • Scheduling Exercises: participant analyzes data and prepares a plan indicating how resources will be deployed to achieve a specific objective
  • Oral Presentation Exercises: participant is asked to prepare and make a formal presentation that is consistent with the demands of a target role

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