Federal Government Solutions

Your Selection, Promotional, and Certification Assessment Partner

Since 1946, PSI Services LLC (corporate.psionline.com) headquartered in Glendale, California, has provided industry-leading assessment products and services for corporations, professional associations, federal and state governments. We administer over two million tests both online and proctored through one of the world’s largest highly secure International test center networks.

PSI is one of the only testing solutions providers that has a proven record with Federal Government in both Certification competency testing as well selection , promotional, and leadership assessments. PSI understands the unique needs of the Federal Government sector and the importance of creating fair, secure and accurate tests that are measurable, innovative and legally defensible. We understand federal, state, and government entities worldwide have very unique, stringent rules and security requirements that dictate the manner in which business is legally and ethically conducted.

PSI Services LLC has over 70 years of testing and assessment experience and offers the following proven solutions to the government sector:

  • A world-class catalogue of off-the-shelf Selection, Promotional and Leadership tests as a more cost effective assessment solution.
  • A rigorous, scientific process involved in test development to enable the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of information about work in order to make a valid interpretation of a candidate’s competency and knowledge.
  • A highly secure enterprise level Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted delivery solution to manage both your Talent Selection and competency Assessment processes.
  • A unique breadth of experience and expertise in providing services and solutions for item authoring, item banking, automated test assembly, and management reporting.
  • A Scientific Advisory Board comprised of leading experts in Measurement, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Labor Law.
  • An unrivalled network of secure testing locations throughout the world – PSI Premier PLUS® Test Centers are available for delivering high-stakes exams and provide the level of consistency in security, design and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality.