Cognitive Selection Tools

Leadership and Development Assessments – “Can Do, Will Do and Does”

Skill and aptitude assessments have the strongest predictive power of the widely used employee selection procedures. They are a cost-effective means of quickly determining whether an employee can perform the job at a desirable level.

PSI publishes the following skills and aptitude testing assessments:

  • Basic Skills Tests (BST)(sample positions: Customer Service, Administrative, Clerical)Language Skills · Reading Comprehension · Vocabulary · Computation · Problem Solving · Decision Making · Following Oral/Written Directions · Forms Checking · Reasoning · Classifying · Coding · Filing Names/Numbers · Visual Speed & Accuracy · Workplace Keyboarding/Data Entry Skills
  • Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS)(sample positions: Supervisors, Sales, Engineers, Accountants, Skilled Workers)Verbal Comprehension · Numerical Ability · Visual Pursuit · Visual Speed & Accuracy · Space Visualization · Numerical Reasoning · Verbal Reasoning · Word Fluency · Manual Speed and Accuracy · Symbolic Reasoning · Manual Dexterity
  • Professional Employment Test (PET)(sample positions: Management Selection, Professionals)Verbal Comprehension · Quantitative Problem Solving · Reasoning · Data Interpretation
  • Industrial Skills Tests (IST)(sample positions: Manufacturing, Assembly, Operations and Process involving Machinery, Repair and Maintenance, Skilled Craft, Construction, Firefighters)Working with Numbers, Charts and Graphs; Reading Comprehension; Mechanical Principles
  • Ramsay Knowledge Tests(technical jobs)
  • Multimedia Comprehension Test(all jobs)
  • Public Safety(sample positions: Entry-level Firefighter, Entry-Level Law Enforcement, Protective Services

PSI offers several assessments that enable you to quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential.