Basic Skills Test

There is really nothing basic about the Basic Skills Tests (BSTs). The BSTs are a series of assessments that measure fundamental skills, such as reasoning, numerical ability, perceptual ability, and verbal ability. For customer service, administrative, and clerical job tasks, the BSTs get to the root of determining if an applicant or employee is prepared to handle the tasks associated with the target job. Tests can be used for pre-employment, training and development, and job placement decisions.

  • Consists of 15 individual tests
  • Each test measures isolated skill or ability
  • Based on one of the most extensive commercial test development and validation projects ever undertaken
  • Validated on over 17,000 employees in 62 organizations nationwide.
  • Widely used and accepted by large Fortune 1000 organizations.

Additionally, PSI can validate the Basic Skills Tests for your organization using PSI’s unique link-up study to legally validate testing for your jobs.

PSI offers several assessments that enable you to quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential. Contact our expert staff to discuss your business objectives and design the strategy that will achieve results.

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