Retail sales associates are the first line of contact between the customer and your organization. You expect them to be courteous, professional, and able to perform the job as expected. SureHire can discover those very qualities in your candidates.

SureHire was developed in a retail environment specifically to identify applicants who would be superior job performers. SureHire is the result of job analysis and research which pinpointed the fundamental skills necessary for success in retail environments — problem solving, work attitude, and service orientation. The combination of these skills tells you if the applicant will be a reliable, dependable, customer focused employee who can solve the problems encountered in a store-level job. In essence, SureHire will tell you if the applicant can and will do the job.

PSI offers several assessments that enable you to quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential. Contact our expert staff to discuss your business objectives and design the strategy that will achieve results.

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