Personality/Behavioral Assessments

Attitudes and Traits – “Will Do”

Beyond what a candidate can do, employers need to know what the candidate will do. Will they put the customer first? Will they contribute to the team? Will they be in control under tight deadlines? Will they be a long-term player in your organization? PSI’s ViewPoint will tell you this and much more.

Developed through feedback from business professionals, ViewPoint identifies job attitudes and behaviors that are critical for team building, business continuity, sales focus and customer satisfaction. PSI developed ViewPoint with a broad spectrum of industries in mind.

ViewPoint tests are based on extensive job analysis and multiple criterion-related studies. The ViewPoint test series offers items written using work related language that focuses on scenarios that employees would be expected to encounter on the job.

The following attitude assessments are available:

WorkView measures the following components:
    Getting Along With Others
    Managing Work Pressures
    Safety Orientation
    Drug/Alcohol Avoidance
ServiceView measures the following components:
TenureView measures the following components:
    Performance: Work ethic and commitmentRisk: Likelihood that an applicant will quit soon after being hired
SalesView measures the following components:
    Achievement/DrivePersuasive InterestEmpathyResilienceWork Ethic/Commitment
Professional/Manager measures characteristics including:
    Being conscientious and productiveWorking constructively with othersMaintaining composure and thriving under pressureBeing an effective leaderSolving problems with ingenuity
PSI 360 Survey
    Competency-based multi rater performance feedback and comprehensive report(all employees)
General Personality Survey
(All employees)
Based on the Big Five, the industry standard in personality assessment.  Listed below, each GPS Major Scale is also further divided into 4 to 5 additional Component Scales:


PSI offers several assessments that enable you to quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential. Contact our expert staff to discuss your business objectives and design the strategy that will achieve results.