Test Delivery and Administration Services

PSI provides clients with alternative test driver solutions throughout our extensive test center network:

  1. Server-based;
  2. Internet-based; and
  3. Third-party test drivers.

This adaptability has made PSI stand out as a true credentialing partner.

PSI’s ATLAS® system ensures a seamless end-to-end technology platform for the capture and delivery of certification testing information. This proprietary platform includes a sophisticated database management system and the capability to conduct all test development, administration, certification, auditing, and reporting features securely and reliably through a web-based solution. ATLAS® allows scheduling of sessions (online or by phone), management of candidate testing sessions at each test administration site, reporting of results to candidates immediately after testing is concluded, and generation of statistical reports for client use. The system also allows for immediate update of test content.

FormCast® : PSI’s teams of world-class psychometricians developed the state-of-the-art test generation software, FormCast®, an enhancement to linear-on-the-fly testing, which allows for the generation of an almost unlimited number of test forms that are unique yet statistically equivalent. PSI developed this approach specifically for licensing and certification testing services, and it can be used in both computer-based and paper-and-pencil testing programs.

Partner Site: The Partner Site is PSI’s web-based reporting solution through which our clients can access our testing and reporting system on ATLAS®. Clients can generate an infinite number of reports and queries using the Partner Site, on everything ranging from examination statistics to individual candidate data to up-to-the-minute pass/fail rates.