Frequently Asked Questions about using the ATLAS®  platform


Q. What is the correct Internet Address to begin my online exam?

A. If you have been given a key to take an employee selection exam, simply point your browser to:

What are the system requirements for taking one of your exams online?

A. You can view all the systems requirements for the ATLAS online testing platform by pointing your browser to:

Q. I received a KEY from my prospective employer and, after entering it, I am presented with the a login screen again?

A. Typically, candidates whom encounter this problem have some form of Internet Pop-up Blocker installed. Disabling this program will usually solve the problem.

Q. I own a Macintosh brand computer, will I be able to take the exam using it?

A. Yes, you will be able to test using a Macintosh brand computer.

Q. Can I use Netscape Navigator to take my exam?

A. Unfortunately, browsers other than Internet Explorer are not supported at this time.

Q. I am connected to the Internet using AOL and am having problems connecting to take the online assessment?

A. Using the browser inside the actual AOL interface is the cause of many of these problems. The solution is to connect to the Internet normally through AOL and then open up an Internet Explorer window outside of the AOL interface. In this window is where you would enter the assessment Internet address:

Q. Will PSI be able to give me any information on my test results?

A. PSI is the technological administrator of exams taken on the ATLAS platform. Your prospective employer would be the only one to contact regarding results or decisions made based on your testing.

Q. How do I contact PSI technical support?

A. Simply send an email to You will recieve an answer within 24 hours on business days.

Q. I am administering testing to prospective employees and I am getting a message asking me “If I would like to ‘OPEN or SAVE” this document when I try to print a candidate’s score report.

A. The ATLAS system uses Adobe Acrobat Reader to render score reports. Some corporate information technology departments have installed custom versions of Adobe Acrobat which have difficulty displaying web-based .pdf documents. The fastest way to resolve this issue is to have your IT Administrator or Help Desk person install a standard installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system. This will usually remedy to the problem.

Q. I encountered a computer problem in the midst of taking my exam, did the system receive my previous test responses?

A. Yes, The ATLAS system saves your responses each time you complete a section. Should your test be interupted, simply log back into the testing system using your original test key.