PSI publishes several off-the-shelf tests. Purchasers/licensees agree to use the assessment tools, as follows:

  1. The tests, answer sheets (if applicable), and answer keys will be kept in locked files and disposed of in a secure manner.
  2. Access to the tests, answer sheets (if applicable), and answer keys will be by authorized personnel only.
  3. Tests and/or answer sheets will not be reused. Each candidate will receive an unused test and/or answer sheet*.
  4. No portion of the tests, answer sheets (if applicable), or answer keys will be reproduced for any purpose.
  5. Purchaser/Licensee agrees not to give away, sell, or lend any portion of the test materials.
  6. Tests, answer sheets (if applicable), or answer keys will not be supplied to anyone for advance study or any purpose except testing.
  7. Purchaser/Licensee agrees to conduct the tests in accordance with the administrative instruction as published in the respective Examiner’s Manual, Administrator’s Guide, or published instruction provided at the time of purchase.
  8. If laws, rules, or regulations require that a candidate be provided a review of a test after it has been given, such review will be conducted in the presence of an appropriate official of Purchaser/Licensee, who will monitor the review and who will permit no candidate to copy any questions or answers. Purchaser/Licensee agrees to seek a protective order safeguarding the confidentiality of the test materials if they are required to be produced in court or administrative proceedings. Purchaser/Licensee will immediately notify PSI of the proceedings.
  9. This agreement may be modified only with written approval of both parties.

Public safety tests, including the Firefighter Selection System (consisting of the Firefighter Selection Test, Firefighter Learning Simulation, and Work Orientation Survey for Firefighters) and Police Selection Test, vary slightly from the standard conditions as they are leased not purchased. Conditions that vary are:

All test materials contained in the Firefighter Selection System and Police Selection Test including test booklets, manuals, study guides, and scoring keys, are the property of Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI), and their use is licensed only by PSI, the copyright holder.

  1. Licensee agrees to return used and unused booklets to PSI or to destroy them in a secure manner, furnishing written notification to PSI.
  2. Only the FIREFIGHTER LEARNING SIMULATION Training Manual AND POLICE SELECTION TESTS training manual is used for advance study purpose.

*ViewPoint and SureHire test booklets can be reused, but answer sheets cannot